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Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Paint Sarasota

You love to paint. You especially love to paint places that are varied, beautiful, and can double as a vacation spot if you have kids, spouses, or friends traveling with you.

Let’s face it. If you go somewhere you are unfamiliar with, there is not one tourist brochure that is going to reveal what you actually want to know.

You Want To Know Where to Paint!

Some artists carefully guard treasured painting spots. Every artist will paint differently That is exactly why your art is so very beautiful!

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Light Chasers have one rule: BE KIND! If we are going to LIVE that RULE, then we must tell you all the spectacular places to paint in Sarasota County. Check back. Every time we find a new beautiful spot to paint we will add it!

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The Light Chaser’s “PAINT HERE” list!

Each place we list is a PROVEN winner. We have been painting these spots for decades. And the painters before us, painted them too. We will tell you:

  • GPS Address and if there is anything tricky about finding the spots, we will tell you that!
  • What the area looks like. Photos and videos make things real. You can see what a place looks like and choose where you want to go.
  • What other artists have done. Light Chasers are a very diverse group of almost 500 painters. We have painters who are still learning how to put up their easel outside and we have nationally famous Master Artists. If you happen to be here when we are painting on Thursday Mornings, please come paint with us. Joining the Light Chaser’s is FREE! You can come paint with us any time even if you are not (yet!) a member.

Through words, pictures, and videos, we show you what painting beautiful Sarasota will be like for you.

WARNING: Almost every day in Sarasota is lovely and sunny. You will be very tempted to move down here. How do you think 500 Light Chaser’s got here? We came, we saw, we painted, and we moved to Sarasota!

Come paint paradise with us! If you wish to take a workshop with one of our Master Artists click here. Learn all about our Master Artists, their workshops, and our shows.

We invite you paint with us. Expect friendly faces and a welcoming group of painters!

TIP FOR FINDING US ON THURSDAY MORNINGS: Look at the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER on every page of our site, you will see “SUNDAY LETTERS” These letters go to members with. directions of where we will be painting. Back issues give you descriptions of other places we paint!

Paint PARADISE with us! Let's go paint!

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Five Painting Tips

  • Bring an umbrella and hat. The sun gets hot even if the sand does not!
  • Squint your eyes. Remember, SQUINT for values, and OPEN for color!
  • Bring your wildest colors. Nothing makes you want to “push color” like white sand, turquoise water and an incredible red sunset!
  • Hydrate. You can paint all day, but you must stay hydrated. If you get hot, do what the other painters do. Hold your brushes high and walk right into that beautiful ocean!
  • Expect people to come see what you are doing. Kids are friendly and all that sunshine puts everyone in a great mood. Who knows, you may sell right off your easel. Many of us do!