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Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Siesta Key Beach

948 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242
Phone Number: 941-861-5000

Tourist guides rank Siesta Key as the #1 Beach in the world. Why?

Our sand is 99% pure quartz. We have the whitest and finest sand in the world and it is always cool on the feet! Our sand is estimated to be millions of years old.

The water is always changing color. Just when you think that you have never seen such turquoise water you will look again and find our ocean looks like emeralds!

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There is a slow drop off so this is a wonderful beach for children. There are
lifeguards and gorgeous highly paintable life guard shacks in rainbow colors.

Beach grass, sea grapes, swaying palms, and Australian Pines
provide you beautiful greenery.

There are pleasure boats and fishing boats to paint!

Do not be surprised to walk the beach and find more than one beautiful bride and groom having their wedding! This is one of the top beach wedding places in the world.

Look down! You may find starfish, sand dollars, shells, sharks teeth, and plenty of tiny schools of silvery fish gliding by.

Look up! Our cumulous clouds start early in the morning and grow to be cloud castles of incredible beauty. Florida has 500 more kinds of birds than the rest of the states combined! Prepare to be wowed!

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People. From babies to octogenarians, you will see people playing and walking and enjoying Siesta Key Beach. Happy people are wonderful to sketch and paint!

Sunsets! Every Sunday there is a drum circle, Anyone can join to dance or drum the sun down into the sea. Almost every night offers an absolutely gorgeous sunset.

There are facilities, showers, picnic tables, concession stands, and an incredible view from our rest rooms and concessions area. Events happen at this beach all season long. We have sand castle sculpture contests that are some of the best in the world.

Come PAINT Siesta Key Beach. Paradise awaits you.

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