Light Chasers
Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

2021 Annual Show Sponsors & Awards Announcement

Ampersand Art Supply ad
We are truly grateful to have Ampersand as one of our sponsors. Their archival panels are unmatched. Ampersand has “many wonderful panels with unique surface coatings and profiles suitable for all media from oils to pastels.”

En Plein Air Pro ad
What an opportunity for our Pastel Plein Air members. En Plein Air Pro is introducing a new pastel package, please use the following link to view Any order (for all members) over $150 during our show will receive a 10% discount. Please use promotional code LC10.

M Graham ad
The fortunate winner of the M. Graham prize will receive a set of their wonderful paints with his/her choice of medium. Thank you, M. Graham! Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary. Please check out their special color - cobalt green, chosen to celebrate their anniversary.

Jerry's Artarama ad
Jerry’s Artarama supplies the artist with every material a painter could want/need. Please check out their on-line catalog and sign up for the newsletter. Jerry’s is sponsoring a foundation that supports struggling artists, especially during these challenging times, please see Check out the soho pochade box and easel

Williamsburg has once again donated their exquisite paint sets for our prizes. This year, besides their Signature Set, they have given us the Landscape, Modern and Traditional Sets! If you are interested in receiving a free sample set, Williamsburg has graciously given us their link for this promotion Please enjoy!

Art & Frame ad
We are very grateful to have Art & Frame of Sarasota as our local Art Supply Store. They have been a very generous supporter of the Light Chasers for many years.

2021 Annual Members Show Awards

To the Light Chasers members:
It is my privilege to once again act as juror for the Light Chasers Member's Show, and I am very aware that my choices will mean joy for some of you and disappointment for others. I want to be clear that every fine painting in this show deserved to be here and had an equal chance to be chosen for a prize and I hope that you will continue to paint with joy and creative exploration for it's own sake regardless of the outcome. You, as a united group of dedicated painters, have all of the support and camaraderie you need to thrive in these difficult times. Stick together, my dear friends. Laugh, eat and paint together in our beautiful piece of paradise, and remember how lucky we are to have one another.
Susan Foster

  • En Plein Air Pro Artist Field Easels ~ $300.00 Gift Certificate
  • Jerry's Artarama ~ $75.00 Gift Card
"A Little Walk Under a Big Sky"
By: Linda Reynolds
JUDGES COMMENTS: Beautifully painted with a strong and unusual composition, this painting's brushwork, edges, and color are highly evocative of a wonderfully peaceful time and place.

  • Ampersand Art Supply ~ $100.00 Gift Certificate
  • Williamsburg Modern Oil Colors Set & Palette Knife
By: Shawn McLoughlin
JUDGES COMMENTS: A striking design, masterfully executed, with an immediate sense of buoyancy and languid movement through water. The reflections are particularly impressive.

  • Williamsburg Signature Oil Colors Set, Palette Knife & Apron

"The Last Light"
By: Nancy Bass
JUDGES COMMENTS: This small painting glows with life and bird-like energy, gleaming in the last rays of the sun.

  • Williamsburg Traditional Oil Colors Set & Palette Knife

"Jogger's Path II"
By: Kathy Baiamonte
JUDGES COMMENTS: Beautifully rendered, inviting us to follow the lovely curving path into the waiting sunlight.

  • Jerry's Artarama ~ $75.00 Gift Card

"Spring Rescue"
By: Susan Sapanara
JUDGES COMMENTS: Unusual composition and interesting color choices reminiscent of the thirties, and the tablecloth without visible support all lend a very modern feel to a traditional subject.

  • Jerry's Artarama ~ $50.00 Gift Card
By: Rita Rust
JUDGES COMMENTS: This delicately rendered painting of flowers floating in shallow waters in the sunlight reminds us that we live in a tropical paradise. The shadows are particularly well done with a nice transparent quality.

  • Jerry's Artarama ~ $50.00 Gift Card

"Blue Heron Greets the Morning Sun"
By: Walter Weaver
JUDGES COMMENTS: Graceful and mysterious, this painting evokes something of the ancient fairy tales, filled with wonder and magic around the next corner.

2021 Featured Artists Show Awards

  • M. Graham & Co ~ 12 Color Set of M. Graham Artist Paints
  • Art & Frame of Sarasota ~ $50.00 Gift Card
"Looking Out At Beer Can Island"
By: Dominic Avant
JUDGES COMMENTS: His use of color and atmosphere made me feel I was there. This is simple and fresh yet very realistic of the place. I really feel the hazy lazy mood of the day and the edge work bringing your attention to the shore and the sailboat. An almost playful, uplifting invitation to enjoy the open blue-green water. Something sorely needed after a year of COVID!

  • Williamsburg Landscape Oil Colors Set, Palette Knife & Apron
  • Jerry's Artarama ~ $75.00 Gift Card
"Crab Shack"
By: Katie Dobson Cundiff
JUDGES COMMENTS: The value and hue changes in the complex composition is handled so well. Everything very clear and the color is so lovely. There is a great story being told here with a very pleasant combination of colors and values. Love the light and shade! Beautiful use of color and value creating the atmospheric feeling of a sunny day by the water.


We are very grateful to Susan J. Foster for judging our annual members show this year and sharing her time and artistic expertise with the Light Chasers.

We are also very grateful to our Light Chasers Board of Directors for judging the Featured Artist show this year.