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  • Sends you our Sunday Letter by e mail with member news, paint out dates and directions to our painting site.
  • Gives you a community of like minded artists.
  • Provides priority SIGN UP opportunities for events that are also open to non members.
  • Encourages you to sign up and sell your art at our charitable Off The Easel events.
  • Lets you apply to be a Master Artist. Lets you have access to free Demos and priority sign up at Master Artists workshops held all year round.
  • Provides volunteer sign up to help put on our events. All events are run by our fabulous volunteers.
  • Lets you submit paintings to be featured in our social media. This includes our Face Book page Light Chasers: Plein Air Painters of the Sun Coast.
  • You could get chosen as a Light Chaser’s FEATURED ARTIST.
  • Lets you have your own ARTIST PAGE on your Light Chaser’s website.

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Being a member of the Light Chasers is always a changing landscape! You can expect new events, challenges, workshops, and lots of fun when you are a member of the Light Chasers.

You do not have to be an accomplished painter to join. Indeed, we welcome you even if you are painting for the very first time! All painters, at every level, can be found in the Light Chasers.

This year I heard one Light Chaser announce “Today is the very first time I am trying OIL PAINTS!”. We are the group that cheers for you whether you are just starting or had your first solo show this year Light Chasers welcomes you regardless of whether your goal is to become a more successful professional painter or you just want to paint on Thursday mornings with friends. Every artist’s journey is accepted and every journey is respected. And we believe all people are artists in some way. We just want to help you share your gift and have a great time!

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Thank you for your interest in and support of the Light Chasers!