Light Chasers
Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Terry Mason - President of the Light Chasers

Terry Mason's Photo
As President of the Light Chasers, I work with members, our Board of Directors and our Master Artists to create an arts organization that is open, educational, welcoming and fun for artists at every level. At some point, we all picked up a brush for the first time.

We know our Sun Coast is a destination for artists and collectors. Light Chasers work to share the knowledge that representational painting, like plein air painting, is the contemporary painting of our era. People buy traditional representational paintings, particularly landscapes, more than any other kind of artwork.

Like most artists who paint outside, “plein air”, nature is my best way to learn and keep studio work fresh and exciting. Artists paint what we feel and painting outside is nature’s greatest gift for me.

Light Chasers share skills, are open, kind, and care about our environment and each other. If you would like this kind of plein air painting group then please join us. Membership is free and open to all artists. When you are on the Gulf Coast of Florida? Come PAINT!

My work is contemporary and representational. Currently, I love to paint working boats in Florida and vanishing dairy farms in New England. I strive for a strong sense of light, color, and brushwork. I paint “the glance”….the place one goes by and yet feels a sense of place there.

I am in Paint Outs throughout the East Coast. I have won awards in Florida and New England.

I am a signature member of Plein Air Florida and a member of Plein Air Maine. I have galleries in Florida and Maine. I studied at Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts for five years. Now I learn from workshops and painting with other artists.

I invite you to visit my website to see more of my work. Please enjoy our site and join the Light Chasers