Light Chasers
Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Mary Ann Ellicott - Secretary

Mary Ann Ellicott's Photo
I have happily been a member of “Light Chasers: Plein Air Painters of the Sun coast” since 2008. I still look forward to every Thursday’s paint out, with as much excitement as I did the first time I painted with the group.

In addition to being able to paint in the “Great Outdoors”, I find the company of the other artists in our group very stimulating to my growth as an artist.

You never know who you will meet on Thursdays, you can be painting next to a Master Artist or a first time beginner. We just have a lot of fun trying to capture the landscape we are surrounded by and it actually becomes part of us with the great memories we create as we are painting away!

Plein Air Painting is a Challenge! It forces you to see nature and your surroundings as they really are and therefore strengthens your ability to render whatever you are painting, more true to life and with a passion and joy that sets “plein air paintings” apart from all others.

I try to capture in my work the excitement, joy or sense of mystery I feel, when I first see the subject I have decided to paint. Brilliant color, light and dark shadows, layers of landscape receding into the horizon, reflections in the water that go on forever, views through windows and doors that beckon you to go in and pathways that never end, all call to me to paint them!

If I can give the viewer of my paintings that same feeling of excitement, joy and sense of mystery every time they look at the painting, then I have achieved my goal.

I have attended Drexel University, Mercer County Community College and Trenton State College. I have studied oil and watercolor painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography during my classes at these colleges and I always return to oil painting as my favorite art form.

I have enjoyed painting all over the United States and also in France. I have participated in our Light Chasers Annual “Paint Sarasota” Paint outs and Members Shows. I have also exhibited my paintings in galleries and shows in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

I have enjoyed making new friends and visiting all the beautiful locations that are part of the “Light Chasers” painting experience here in Florida!