Light Chasers
Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Jack Logsdon

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My first artistic steps were taken in the 60's with self-directed explorations in acrylic painting, poetry, and classical guitar. As a young man just out of high school, I craved Beauty, and felt compelled to create, but seminary studies took priority. Although intervening years were too busy with ministry, career change, and then family obligations to actively pursue these pastimes, I have always had an academic thirst for understanding the essence of art, music and poetry. In the 90's, I found time to take some drawing and art history classes, which only intensified my desire to explore the elements of form, line, value, color, shape, harmony, etc. Over the next several years I experimented off and on with egg tempera, silverpoint, sepia, and sanguine drawing. These pursuits, however, were infrequent and irregular. After I retired, I decided to explore oil painting, but I knew I needed an impetus to "keep it up!". I am pleased to say that I discovered Light Chasers as a welcoming, friendly group of artists at various stages in their exploration. I felt that I belonged.

Today, I continue to explore, to be soothed by, to be astonished by, and to be satisfied by the bold paint application of Cezanne, the mellow sound of a Fernando Sor waltz for Classical guitar, the simple yet deep poetry of Frost, the clear repetitive pen lines of a Van Gogh drawing, the intricate counterpoint of a Bach fugue, the ideal form of Hellenistic sculpture as embodied in Michelangelo, the lush language of Gerard Manley Hopkins, the mysterious melancholy of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, and the stark, beautiful structure of Piet Mondrian. Today my journey is with the Light Chasers, and my goal is to understand, to partake of and to share the unending Beauty of Life.