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Joseph Melancon - Master Artist

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Joseph spent seven years as a curator of exhibits in two natural history museums designing and creating History and Science exhibits. Joseph invented much of the magic you saw in TV commercials for 21 years as a designer and special effects artist. Light Chasers think there is nothing Joseph could not invent. We look forward to workshops near his house so we can see his treasure trove of an art studio. He invented his own counter balanced easel that goes up, down, every which way! He is familiar with the properties of wood, metal, plastics, and more. Best of all, Joseph loves to teach what he knows to us. Artist, brilliant inventor, sculptor, and beloved teacher Joseph is adept in watercolor, acrylic, and oils winning national awards in all three mediums. His powerful use of color and design skills help define him as one of America’s treasured painters.


  • Demo:  THURSDAY October 20, 2016: Choosing Great Compositions
  • Location:  Rothenbach Park
  • Mini Workshop:  Friday October 21, 9:30am - 12:30 pm at Joseph’s Studio. Joseph will do a morning workshop for up to 12 artists. Artists who attend will get targeted information for their paintings and how they can also choose great compositions for their paintings.
Joseph can demonstrate remarkable skill and offer gentle nuanced critiques that have you painting better compositions than you thought you ever could. Joseph is completely unafraid to create a different look with color and design. Before you know it you are also painting with brilliant color and bold design. If you want a fierce, creative fresh breath in your paintings? There is no one better than Joseph to bring you right there. Joseph’s secret is that he loves teaching as much as he loves painting. And with decades of teaching, inventing and painting under his belt you too will gather great gifts from any of Joseph’s workshops or private classes.

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Studio: 3350 Pine Valley Dr, Sarasota, FL 34239
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