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Joseph McGurl - Featured Master Artist

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We are very proud to announce that Joseph McGurl, one of the finest painters in the world today, will do a workshop and free demo for the Light Chasers.

Joseph is one of the most collected and influential landscape artists working today. If there is an honor by an art society that he has not yet won, I don’t know it. He is a Copley Master and a signature member of The Plein Air Painters of America. He has any number of books, articles and is a sought after speaker and workshop leader. We are very honored to have him come to the Light Chasers.


  • Demo:  Friday evening March 31st
  • Location:  Time and place will be announced in a Sunday Letter. This DEMO is only for members of the Light Chasers
  • Workshop:  Note: The workshop is full.
    • Date:  March 30 - April 1, 2017
    • Time:  8:30 am to 5:30 pm
    • Location:  Places throughtout the area
    • Cost:  $595
Joseph says he is interested in modern physics and the nature of reality combined with spirituality that he finds in nature. He is one of the few painters today who is a devoted plein air and studio painter who relies on his imagination, his memory, his observation and his deep understanding of his subject. He does not use photography in his paintings. He says that although the elements in each landscape painting has a deep personal meaning, equally important is exploring light, form and space. This is a chance to hear the thoughts and learn the approach of one of the finest painters we have today. We are all very grateful to Joseph for sharing his thoughts, teaching, and demos to the Light Chasers.

Sign up for this workshop is through Terry Mason
Email Terry at

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