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Hodges Soileau - Master Artist

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Hodges Soileau turned all our demos upside down when he hired his own model and gave us a spectacular lesson in putting people in landscapes. Hodges is nationally famous for his sensitive, evocative paintings of people in landscapes. His demo showed us what it takes to do BOTH equally well. You could hear a pin drop that whole demo.


  • Demo:  : February 15, 2018 Painting Trees
  • Location:  Demo and Mini Workshop at the North Jetty in Nokomis
  • Mini Workshop:  Demo will be 9am - Noon and Mini Workshop will be 1pm to 4pm.
  • The demo is free. The mini workshops cost $75. Sign up with Hodges.
Hodges is one of the most sensitive of our national painters. Hodges believes, and teaches, that there is a feeling that one gets standing in front of a painting. It might be a sense of place or magical light that transports you to a favorite memory or time. Hodges is a gentle man, and that gentle goodness is clearly found in his beautiful paintings.

Owning one of Hodges’s paintings is a daily gift. Every time you look at your painting by Hodges Soileau, you are reminded that his technical skills, however great, are surpassed by the gentle soul that lives in this fine artist.

Once Hodge turned to the crowd in a demo and said that there were no rules in painting that stood forever. After a moment he turned to us and said …” There is one rule, I think. When you see an error, you have to fix it”. When you do learn to see flaws, and fix them courageously…voila…paintings are always better!
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