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Croy Wright - Featured Artist

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Cory Wright delights in painting outdoors and observing nature. She loves communicating her feelings about a particular place. She catches the light in a given moment in time. She looks for interesting patterns, contrasts in shapes, values and colors. Cory says that even when she is not painting her mind is calculating how he would mix a hue or crop a composition. Artists who feel like this when they are not painting are artists who spend a great deal of time painting. This is the reason that her viewers feel the connection to place when they see her paintings. Cory takes you there.
Cory says that if her paintings elicit an emotional response from her viewers then she has done her job as an artist. Cory Wright does a wonderful job as an artist. You can’t help but feel that you have walked into a favorite familiar place when you see her paintings.
Cory paints in oils but is equally adept in other mediums. Cory graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and followed with study in Rome. Cory loves plein air and is also a studio painter. She is an accomplished career as a muralist, specializing in the tromp l’oiel technique, for over 25 years.


  • Demo:  January 12, 2017: Shrubs and Beach Grasses
  • Location:  Lido Beach
  • Mini Workshop:  Cory will do her follow up workshop for up to 12 artists. Artists who attend will get personalized advice for how they can improve their grasses and beach plants. Cory is a master of using temperature changes to lead you from one area to another in any group of plants or shift of sand. You will be ready to go paint the beaches and get the results you want once you have concentrated attention from Cory in this Mini Workshop.
Cory fell in love with plein air painting in Italy. Soon she was painting and winning awards at Paint Outs in Florida. She is known for her “painterly realistic style”. Cory’s work can be seen at The Studio at Gulf & Pine Art Gallery on Anna Maria Island. You will often find her at her easel capturing the ever-changing effects of light and shadows on the land and sea around her. You can also find Cory at her art studio in Historic Palmetto.
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