Light Chasers
Plein Air Painters of the Suncoast

Meet The Light Chasers

Light Chasers has over 500 members and is the largest group of plein air painters in Florida. Our mission is to foster the education, participation, appreciation and exhibition opportunities for plein air painters. We are a non profit organization.

Light Chasers paint Thursday mornings at different locations throughout Sarasota County. It is FREE to:

  • Become a member
  • Receive the Sunday emails that tell you the next painting location
  • Paint with the Light Chasers on Thursday morning
  • Attend the free demos of our Master Artists

Thursday Painting

Our members come from all over the globe. Artists and art groups love to come to beautiful Sarasota to paint. Artists are always welcome to paint with the Light Chasers any Thursday.

To find out where the Light Chasers are painting click on "Sunday Letter" on the top right of the Home Page. That will take you to all the Sunday Letters. Each letter describes a beautiful place to paint with driving directions. Paint Sarasota! It’s beautiful here!

In "Season" [October to April] we often have 30 to 50 painters on Thursday morning. Off season we still often have 20 or more painters Thursday morning.

Light Chasers are fun, friendly, helpful, and kind. We care about each other and we care about our environment. Join us anytime you visit beautiful Sarasota County.

Message from the President of the Light Chasers

I am Terry Mason, the president of the Light Chasers. Write me anytime through our Contact Us page. I am always open to your ideas, concerns and suggestions.

The Light Chasers supports building a vibrant visual arts community of the Sun Coast. I cheer every time a new group, show, or workshop opens for painters. Light Chasers never has, and never will compete with art groups or artists. To build a strong visual arts community we need every opportunity to learn, show, and enjoy painting. We are a catalyst for growth of the visual arts in Sarasota County.

I am a volunteer. All I have ever wanted to do is paint and to grow the visual arts community. I have been the president of the Light Chasers for over five years. We started with five regular painters and now have over 500 members. Light Chasers will always champion artistic growth for painters and collectors who live here and who visit Sarasota. This is our winning philosophy!

Every artist picks up a brush for the first time. Light Chasers share skills and information with other members. Our fanciest, best known Master Artists do not care if you stand behind them when they paint on Thursday. We know that to make the visual arts community strong? We need every opportunity to learn, paint, show and collect for artists and collectors.

Whether you visit or live here, we welcome you. We sponsor events all year. You can be as busy as you want to be…and you can also just paint! Light Chasers respect and honor each painter’s art journey. Light Chasers have only one rule and it works for us: Be Kind. We invite you to join the Light Chasers and paint with our remarkable group of painters.

Terry Mason